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But he is aggressive and mean. Nimic din ce face Adrian nu e agresiv.

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Nothing Adrian does is aggressive. Indiferent ce e, e agresiv.

Whatever it is, it's aggressive. E agresiv și e foarte avansat. It's aggressive and it's very advanced.

aggressive cancer a papilom în ochi care medic

Iar arma asta ne spune că e agresiv, hotărât și destructiv, exact ca și focul. And that choice of weapon tells us that he's aggressive cancer adriven, and destructive, just like fire itself.

eliminați papiloma tula papilomavirus decât pentru a trata

E agresiv, nu e neglijent. He's aggressivehe's not sloppy.

cercei solitari cancerul limfatic simptome tratament

Asa că e destul de nedrept că oamenii au ales gorila să simbolizeze tot ce e agresiv aggressive cancer a violent când de fapt gorilele nu sunt asa, noi suntem. So it seems really very unfair that man should have chosen the gorilla to symbolise all that is aggressive and violent when that's the one thing the gorilla is not, and that we are.

aggressive cancer a

I know this comes as a shock, but we have to move quickly - this type of cancer is aggressivebut we can effectively treat it. E agresiv și, indiscutabil, ostil.

aggressive cancer a

He's aggressive and definitely hostile. Crezi ca e торговля валютой на форекс отзывы Do you think it's aggressive?

S-a metastazat în sistemul dumneavoastră și nu mai putem face nimic. It metastasized through your system and there's nothing we can do. Spiritul ei nemilos s-a metastazat acum în câmpul geneticii, al nanotehnologicilor și roboticii, dar asta nu este surprinzător. It's ruthless spirit - has now metastasized into the fields of genetics, - nanotech and robotics, but that's not surprising.

Cancerul ăsta e agresiv.

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